Interfocus ATP

View, Manage and Protect your Endpoints with Interfocus ATP

Do you have an enterprise view of your endpoints?

View, Manage and Protect Your Endpoints with Interfocus ATP

Centralized visibility and management at the enterprise level

Cylance and Interfocus have joined to provide robust endpoint management and threat protection in one integrated solution.

Advanced threat protection at the endpoint

Mitigation Is Key in the First 24 Hours from Detection

Interfocus ATP combines the advanced threat detection benefit of Cylance’s market leading end point protection with Interfocus’s proven enterprise security management to deliver a complete threat protection and response solution for connected and “air gapped” systems.

With Interfocus ATP, you can:

  • Detect and quarantine threats at the endpoint
  • Conduct a digital investigation to determine the source of malware and the extent of exposure
  • Stop malware from reoccurring by applying vital patches and policy changes

With Interfocus ATP, you benefit:

  • Gain visibility into the malware kill chain and apply patches to stop malware
  • Investigate malware source by reviewing user activities surrounding detection
  • Manage thousands of Cylance end point agents—connected or air gapped (view agent mode, upgrade agents as needed, update associated policies and send threat alert notifications)


Interfocus Technologies and Cylance Inc.® have partnered to integrate CylancePROTECT, an artificial intelligence-powered malware prevention solution, with the Interfocus endpoint management dashboard to deliver never-before-seen visibility into the state of all assets on your network and the activity of every user on those assets.

Who Is Interfocus?

Interfocus Technologies is an endpoint management and security solutions provider delivering visibility into user activity, controlling IT assets, enforcing your policies and supporting enterprise compliance through a single console. We offer US businesses exclusive access to a market leading technical solution that has helped over 10,000 global clients with 8.6M installed users manage and protect their digital property and productivity.

Our Cylance Partnership: Interfocus’s parent company was awarded as Cylance’s “Partner of the Year” in Japan and achieved the most sales in 2016. Our partnership with Cylance has contributed to their global success and our efforts included participating in the Unbelievable Tour (UBT) and other marketing efforts.

Case Study: Client Prevents Threats by Combining Interfocus & CylancePROTECT

The Struggle: Bank with 1,200 Endpoints Detects Malware
Our financial industry client struggled with pervasive malware attacks and infections. They installed Cylance to detect and quarantine the problematic threat, but it continued to reoccur day after day.

The Solution: After Many Trials and Errors They Installed Interfocus
First, they interviewed their users, but this did not reveal suspicious behaviors. Next, they purchased a well-known, expensive cyber tool, but still they were unable to source the malware. Finally, they installed Interfocus ATP.

The Result: ATP Pinpointed the Problem & Stop It from Reoccurring
With Interfocus ATP, they reviewed detailed user activity logs and discovered the initial source of the malware. It was a website. With ATP, they quickly enabled a policy to block the website and prevent future exposure.

View. Manage. Protect.

Endpoint Management and Threat Protection in One Solution

Dashboard to facilitate:

    • Alerts view by category, time, user and asset

    • Drill down to detailed logs for investigation and audit

    • Managing and configuring policies

    • Reporting for audit and compliance

Policy configuration and control for:

    • Automated reporting and trend analysis to support policy reviews and updates

    • Website access

    • USB usage

  • Public Wi-Fi access

Powered by CylancePROTECT:

    • Works within operating system and memory layers

    • Prevent known and unknown malware through AI and machine learning

    • Support whitelists and blacklists

  • Can run in detect-only mode

Review all user activity:

    • Software downloads

    • USB usage

    • Website access

    • Email attachments

  • Public Wi-Fi connections
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