About Us

Comprehensive without compromise

Interfocus Technologies is an endpoint management and security solutions provider delivering visibility into user activity, controlling IT assets, enforcing policies, and supporting enterprise compliance at an affordable price through a single console. We have helped over 10,000 global clients with 8.6M installed users manage and protect their digital property and productivity.


Inter – between, a connector

Focus – a point of convergence; clarity; center of activity, attraction, or attention

As our name suggests, our solutions bring together what might otherwise seem to be competing demands – agile availability with solid risk management, productivity and security, comprehensive functionality at an affordable price, innovation backed by experience.

Interfocus Technologies, Inc. is the US subsidiary of Motex, part of the Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd Group in Japan. The base Interfocus technology has successfully served clients since 1990.

Our Vision

To provide the vital IT management capabilities that a small and medium business needs to visualize, control and secure productivity, all in a single, affordable, and easy-to-use solution.

As a subsidiary of Motex

Interfocus Technologies continues Kyocera’s proud tradition of productively and profitably connecting information to people, people to business, and business to society. Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd products and processes stand the test of time. Interfocus Technologies’ core offering is the US version of a technology product that’s been deployed since 1990 and is used by more than 10,000 clients around the world.

The Kyocera Philosophy relates to life and management. Its corporate motto is to, “Respect the Divine and Love People. Preserve the spirit to work fairly and honorably, respecting people, our work, our company, and our global community.” a concept we include in all of our decision making. By showing the importance of fairness and diligent effort, it serves as a paradigm for our conduct.

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