Insider Threat

One Solution. Many Tasks. Interfocus Provides Operational Visibility Through Vital It Management Capabilities in a Single Solution.

Mitigate Insider Threats

Employees can be the biggest threat to your data security. Perhaps your top salesperson uploads confidential info to an unsecured cloud service. Or marketing can’t resist peeking into files they shouldn’t be allowed to access.  And who is exfiltrating company secrets to profit personally?

Raise your awareness with Interfocus.

Identify unusual activity and protect your critical business applications and data. Interfocus monitors and logs all user activity and alerts you to risky or suspicious behavior. So you can answer if it’s a simple human error like opening corrupt files or an intentional insider threat.


of employees sent emails divulging sensitive information outside the corporate network

Interfocus provides a range of capabilities for preventing insider threats:

  • Endpoint content protection through access control and content logging
  • Endpoint protection and control through access prevention
  • Configurable alerts based on combinations of user profiles and key actions to detect violations
  • Detailed audit trails on user activity and content access
  • Reporting and Auditing with dashboard including actionable summary charts
  • Privileged Identity access control through supplementary login


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