Audit and Compliance

One Solution. Many Tasks. Interfocus provides operational visibility through vital IT management capabilities in a single solution

Auditing and Compliance

You’ve implemented policies and controls to manage your business.  Detailed logs of all user and asset activity simplify audits and compliance documenting regular scans of devices, hardware and software versions in use.

Automate and simplify compliance with Interfocus.

Common compliance requirements include managing user access rights. Monitor how your users interact with your hardware and software in order to support your security policies, strengthen your control, and address your audit requirements

You thought compliance was costly?

Interfocus provides a range of capabilities for streamlining audit and compliance:

  • Providing audit trails of user activity in relation to sensitive materials
  • Providing compliance risk assessment reports
  • Ensuring content access is governed by strong user credentials
  • Ensuring applications generate appropriate logs and monitoring those logs
  • Providing configurable alerts based on robust combinations of user profiles and key actions to detect violations
  • Capturing detailed textual log plus visual recordings of every user action, with logs generated for every application, including those without their own internal logs
  • Ensuring Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is appropriately secured and access is controlled
  • Endpoint protection through configuration management, in particular applying the appropriate patches


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