Functional Capabilities

Secure Productivity Management Is Essential for Enabling Productivity Without Exposing Your Business to Unnecessary Risk and Expense.


People are the heart of your business. However it’s technology—apps, devices, and deployment models like cloud—that’s radically changing the way your employees work and how your business competes.

As a business owner, manager or an IT director today, you need to be able to enable your people to be productive, wherever and however you do business.

You know that these same new tools, if not managed appropriately, can cost your business valuable time, cause employee frustration, and expose your business to data loss, compliance risks, or worse yet, cyber-attacks.

Interfocus’ Secure Productivity Management solution is built for you. Smart visibility. Powerful control in real-time. Continuous Compliance. All from a central, easy-to-use console.

Secure productivity management is essential for enabling productivity without exposing your business to unnecessary risk and expense.

Functional Capabilities

You don’t have time to configure and learn yet another application, and it’s inefficient to be toggling between multiple applications to answer a simple question. Small and medium businesses need a work horse solution that can do it all. Something simple and affordable.

Interfocus provides the vital IT management capabilities that your business needs, all within a single solution. You gain operational visibility, control over the devices and assets in your network, and simplify compliance. Investigate the comprehensive functionality that will help you—and your enterprise- be more productive.

Malware Detection and Prevention

Comprehensive End Point Visibility

  • User activity around the threat.  There are many threat sources in a network, including human activity, whether unintentional or malicious.  Interfocus ATP enables a complete understanding of both internal and external threats.
    • Web site access:  Something malicious can be intentionally downloaded from the Internet.  Or may be automatically downloaded when a specific website is access.  You can investigate web activity by user or device in a given timeframe before, during and after a threat is detected
    • USB / external device usage:  A threat can originate when a virus-infected USB stick is plugged into a PC.  ATP provides full visibility of external device usage and can block it if your policy is configured
    • Email:  Email attachments may include malicious software as an attachment.  ATP enables to provide a full visibility of email title, attachment, and even content
  •  Reporting and Investigation of other endpoints with the same activity patterns or threat signature

Real-time Malware Detection and Prevention

  • Provides real-time detection and prevention of malware with CylancePROTECT’s artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms deployed and managed on every endpoint
  • Delivers real-time protection against malicious payloads such as exploitation, process attack, and privilege escalation
  • Enables real-time protection against PowerShell, VBScript, Jscript executing scripts and more
  • Supports threat investigation in a dashboard that presents views of endpoints impacted by the same threat and of a user’s activity preceding and following suspicious activity that introduced the vulnerability
  • Integrated with the Cylance dashboard that supports whitelist and blacklists, detect-only mode, self-protection against user tampering

Asset management

Hardware asset management

  • Automatically retrieves over 50 types of data, including computer names and IP addresses
  • Manage printers and peripheral devices as asset management items

Software asset management

  • Coordinates with license dictionaries to perform SAM, allowing users to do things like taking inventory of installed applications, upgrading and downgrading software

USB asset management

  • Automatically detects USB devices in use and lets users check how long devices have been idle

Power-saving management

  • Configures settings including power-on/off or standby
  • Enables remote operations via WakeOnLAN

File distribution

Distribution/automatic installation

  • Distributes security patch and installs business applications
  • Records operation on screens to install application automatically
Network Detection

Network detection


  • Automatically detects network devices
  • Detects unauthorized connections and issues corresponding notifications in real time

Remote control


  • Allows users to access Intel vPro system which enables them to remotely configure BIOS settings, plus turn on/off unit power
  • Allows users to operate VNC-equipped computers remotely to perform offsite operations

Remote troubleshooting

  • Restarts PCs, change settings, copy files, edit files, and delete files remotely
  • Also enables desktop sharing and file/folder forwarding
SNMP Device Management

SNMP device management

SNMP-compatible device management/alive monitoring

  • Collects and manages information about hardware of SNMP-compatible devices
  • Also provides alive monitoring

Operational process management

Retrieving operation logs

  • Retrieves logs concerning PC operations
  • Retrieves records of file-copy, file-move, file-delete, and file operation by command prompt

Literacy management

  • Display terminal operating times and operating status conditions in a visual format to help visualize business tasks
  • Allows users to extract operations performed during non-business hours (early morning/late night operations) and check operation logs

Web access monitoring

Retrieving web access logs

  • Monitors web activity to give users information on who accesses which websites and how long web users spend on said websites
  • Lets users log write logs and upload/download conditions
  • Compatible with Dropbox, Google Apps for Work, Office 365 and upload/download via browser to cloud storage
  • Log webmail
  • Visualize the usage of cloud services

Conflicting website blocking

  • Blocks web-access, uploading, downloading, and writing to websites including blocked keywords and/or URLs

Application operation management

Application operation

  • Renders application operations in numerical terms and helps users grasp who uses which applications how often

Application blocking

  • Blocks executing user-defined or unauthorized applications
  • Issues pop-up warnings to raise awareness among users

Device controls

Controlling use of storage media

  • Controls the use of CD/FD/USB/SD memory and/or other devices
  • Enables users to permit using specific USB memory devices, prohibit read/write operations, and configure other similar settings
  • iPhones & Android devices

Webmail logs

Webmail log management

  • Collects sent webmail logs including who sends emails, when emails are sent, and what e-mails are about; email text and attachments are also retrieved on the server

Application ID auditing

Application audit log management

  • Retrieves users entering in application input fields (IDs and department information, etc.)

General IT control

  • Renders application ID usage conditions in numerical terms and manages risk by system
  • Helps users grasp privileged user operations, find non-used IDs, and identify other causes of security holes
Server Monitoring

Server monitoring

Web access management

  • Makes it possible to monitor web access to grasp who accesses which websites and how long web users spend on said websites
  • Retrieves web-writing logs and upload/download logs

Application auditing log management

  • Renders application ID usage in numerical terms and retrieves information that users enter in application input fields (IDs and department information, etc.)

Server capacity management

  • Monitors contents of managed folders and issues notifications when folder size exceeds capacity levels

Server access log management

  • Makes it possible for users to collect access logs for specific files/folders and enables batch integration management for multiple servers
  • Logs unauthorized access operations

Logon/logoff management

  • Manages the Active Directory server and creates logs of domain logon/logoff operations

Unauthorized PC blocking

Zone management

  • Automatically determines whether conditions are legitimate or illegitimate based on the presence of a client agent (MR) and zone management for voluntarily authorized devices
  • Enables batch voluntary authorization using IP addresses and Mac addresses as keys

Print log

Retrieving print logs

  • Retrieves printing logs including document name, PC, person, and printer
  • Sets thresholds and assess large-volume printing projects

Thin client management

Log management

  • Retrieves operation history including who performs what kinds of operations


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