Why Interfocus

Time Is What We Want Most, but Use Worst. – William Penn

Monitor Employee Productivity

Combined in a single solution, user activity monitoring and IT asset management help you efficiently secure productivity wherever and however you do business.

Manage IT Assets and Devices

Easy-to-use console provides visibility and control across all devices, users, applications, and data on your network.

Simplify Auditing and Compliance

Quickly answer tough compliance questions and maintain audit-readiness with logs, automation, and reporting all-in-one.

Mitigate Insider Threats

Raise your data loss awareness and reduce your business risk by adding people-based security to your IT controls.

Visibility. Control. Compliance.


Wouldn’t you like to be more informed? Know which IT assets are underutilized and redeploy them. See who is accessing sensitive data and if and where they export it. Identify your best performers and model your policies accordingly.


What can you manage? Manage web-access using white and black lists and/or URLs. Block unauthorized or custom applications from executing. Assign appropriate privileges and monitor according to this risk.


Rules aren’t rules if no one sticks to them. Understand who is complying with the acceptable use policy and alert violators. Be audit ready with software license management and tracking. Increase your awareness of unauthorized apps on company devices and ensure mandatory apps are installed.

Secure productivity through a single console

Interfocus is the only product on the market that provides the majority of vital IT management capabilities that a small and medium business needs in a single solution. As a multifunctional tool, customers can cost-effectively manage the core aspects of all of the following functions to provide operational visibility into the digital productivity of their company:

  • IT asset management
  • User activity monitoring and management
  • Employee productivity
  • Endpoint compliance and protection
  • Software license compliance
  • Internal IT and regulatory IT compliance

The typical IT director at a medium sized business

is overwhelmed by the dynamic nature of business needs, niche tools, and sheer amount of data and activity occurring throughout their network. They continue to struggle with balancing the need for agile availability with solid risk management. And balancing their own increasing responsibilities against static resources.

With Interfocus’ secure productivity management software, you have visibility, control and compliance across all activity and assets on the network in a single, cost-effective solution. Our easy-to-use console helps you quickly rise to the challenges of securing productivity in today’s complex IT environments.


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