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More Than 10,000 Clients Worldwide Rely on Interfocus
It may be fortune cookie wisdom, but to understand what’s possible, it’s helpful to start with what’s been done before. Here are just a few stories of our clients’ success with Interfocus to help you identify the value it can bring to you and your business.
User Behavior Analysis

Improved User Productivity

Device Management

Efficient Device & Asset Management

Audit Compliance

Simplified Audits &Compliance

Insider Threat

Mitigate Insider Threats

User Behavior Analysis
Improved User Productivity
89% of employees surveyed admit to wasting time at work every day. Not surprisingly, personal use of technology continues to lead the charge.
US Semiconductor Manufacturer with 300+ workstations

Enable remote work while ensuring regulatory compliance

A US manufacturer allows employees to use laptops at home for the sake of efficiency. Regulations in their industry require them to capture all change logs of regulated files. Productivity is secured using Interfocus’ agent installed on remote workers’ laptops. Visibility is significantly improved and they utilize the log to prevent the potential issue of data breach.

IT service provider / System Integration for global consumer electronics firm with 5,000 workstations

Large mobile workforce and failed risk mitigation

An IT service provider with a large mobile workforce created policies and tried mitigating the risk posed by peripheral devices using a consumer product. Unfortunately, the product was unstable and the project failed within 12 months. Using Interfocus, the provider completed the project in eight weeks and had a stable platform to implement its peripheral device policy. More than 800 USBs were cataloged into the solution and read-only mode applied.

IT Manager at a Small Business

Operation logs management provided healthier work-life balance

An IT manager at a small business implemented Interfocus to better log “who” did “what” “when” at “which PC”. PC usage information is recorded, such as apps running, printing, file operations, screen views (window title). That info allowed him to better understand his work and recognize and solve problems like managing applications. He happily reported to us that he’d gained a healthier work-life balance, “Within five months, I was able to get more work done despite reducing my average monthly work hours by 10%.”

Device Management
Efficient Device and Asset Management
Average IT spend is $1,526 per employee while small businesses spent roughly $2,770 per employee
Local financial company with 160 workstations

Compliance led to cost savings

Compliance with privacy regulations drove the decision to implement Interfocus’ solution, but the decision quickly paid dividends. Using the asset management capabilities, it became easy to identify underutilized assets and re-allocate them. And employees began to use preview mode and cut down on excessive hard copies when print log management notified them of overages.

Medical Equipment Company with 1,000 workstations

Enterprise software isn’t a 99-cent app

Since license true-up costs can really put a dent in a company’s wallet, this medical equipment company needed to automate the tracking of software license keys, inventory and usage. They catalog details of purchased Microsoft Office licenses, as well as all application usage allocated to its subsidiaries – what application, which company, how many licenses – using Interfocus.

Audit Compliance
Simplified Audits and Compliance
99.9% of the exploited vulnerabilities had been compromised more than a year after the associated vulnerability was published
Defense Manufacturer with 300 workstations

Audit ready and bullet proof

A manufacturer subject to ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations), regulations which control the export and import of defense-related articles and services, knew it had to act when a 3rd party alerted them to an ITAR content breach. With Interfocus, ITAR-regulated files such as drawings, specification sheets, descriptive documents, or other intellectual property could be stored on a shared server while the solution monitors and logs all access including logs of any data copied to external USB drives. They’re ITAR compliance is locked and loaded.

Building and Construction Manufacturer with 1,200 workstations

Completed and ready for the next one

Receiving a software license audit letter for 1,000 workstations prompted this manufacturer to tally up the time they’d need to complete the task – and they came up with a daunting project estimate of 12 months. Interfocus solutions helped them complete the audit quickly – only two months! Now they’ve been able to establish a company policy for software license compliance and they continue to rely on Interfocus for ongoing software maintenance and management.

Insider Threat
Mitigate Insider Threats
More than 50% of data breaches are caused by insiders, including employees, third-party contractors and partners
Medical Holding company with 900 workstations

Healthcare is among the strictest regulatory environments to operate in which creates many business risks

When this medical holding company established its data export policy, it set up a read-only policy for external devices. Using Interfocus monitoring features, they discovered users’ knee-jerk reaction to the policy was to begin uploading sensitive data to cloud-based services instead. Based on our insights, they were able to quickly apply web access and application prohibition policies to stop data leakage to the cloud.

TV broadcaster with 150 workstations, 20+ smartphones

Top story is visibility and control from a single console

A media company wanted to be able to monitor its log files whether in the studio or on the go. They zoomed in on Interfocus to  provide visibility, control, and compliance across their IT assets and applications. Now outdated and unsanctioned applications are old news.

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