Proven Protection and Productivity Enhancer

Shouldn’t Technology and Productivity Go Hand In Hand?

Let’s be frank. Software is supposed to help us accomplish more, not hinder our productivity. That’s why Interfocus is so proud of our many Enterprise software deployments – our clients tell us they get more done, and that the deployments are fast and straightforward so you can start to use the tools right away.

Other products make you wonder if you’ll ever get up-and-running, given their tough initial configurations. With a few clicks of Interfocus’ Starter Navigation, your initial Interfocus configuration is complete.

The simplest implementation is fully on premise, but can support remote endpoints. It’s a traditional deployment model that’s proven in numerous enterprises of all sizes and across a wide range of industry verticals.

Whether you deploy on premise, in the cloud, or in a de-centralized multi-site model, our deployments provide the same comprehensive set of capabilities for securing productivity, managing IT assets, and raising data loss awareness so you can take action against threats – accidental or malicious.

All communication/packets of Interfocus are encrypted. If your manager is in the public cloud, you will use a global IP to establish secure communication. You can also use VPN/Private cloud to implement a more secure configuration.

If you have multiple sites, you can monitor and manage them centrally.


of all online attacks in 2014 targeted small and midsize businesses

There are four major component types to install and configure


All Interfocus data

Enterprise Manager(s)

Integrates and analyzes
asset and log info
Includes seven types of sub-manager


Allow configuration, viewing of logs
Web console for reporting


Three agent types used to collect endpoint, server, and detector information


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