Deployment and Installation

Three Deployment Models Ensure Interfocus Fits Your Enterprise Architecture. Not the Other Way Around.

Deployments are straightforward and fast

When we said we built Interfocus with the small and medium business in mind, we meant it. Right down to the deployment models that make sense – economically and architecturally – for today’s diverse enterprise networks.

Whether you deploy on premise, in the cloud, or in a de-centralized multi-site model, our deployments are straightforward and fast, so you can begin taking advantage of the functionality right away. Plus, we’ve always thought it was important to be nice to the IT guys!

You can utilize your Active Directory to install agents from the administrator’s console without end users’ interaction. Where other products slow you down due to their tough, time-consuming initial configurations, Interfocus is simple from the word “go.” Your initial configuration takes just a few quick clicks of Interfocus’ Starter Navigation.

There are four major component types to install and configure:

  • Database: All Interfocus data
  • Enterprise Manager(s): Integrates and analyzes asset and log info. Includes seven types of sub-manager
  • Consoles: Allow configuration, viewing of logs. Web console for reporting
  • Client/Agent: Three agent types used to collect endpoint, server, and detector information

Director of IT, We’ve Got Your Back.


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