Cloud Delivery

64% of Small and Medium Businesses Are Already Using Cloud-based Apps

Be Productive Everywhere and Anywhere with Cloud

Small and medium businesses can choose from a wide variety of cloud applications to do everything from managing finances to acquiring new customers. With typical adoption rates of three cloud apps per company and 78% of businesses indicating that they are considering purchasing new solutions in the next 2-3 years, if you hadn’t considered it previously, it’s undeniable that cloud applications won’t blow away from your business with the next slight breeze.

We get the appeal. Cloud makes sense when your business needs to run effectively and efficiently whether your employees work from the office, the airplane, or the coffee shop. Untethered by costly and time-consuming hardware maintenance, you can do business anywhere and everywhere making it a model that works – economically and architecturally – for many of today’s enterprises.

Whether you deploy on premise, in the cloud, or in a decentralized multi-site environment, our implementations are straightforward and fast, so you can begin taking advantage of the functionality right away.

For a cloud deployment you can keep the fixed endpoints and console on premise, but put the database and managers in the cloud. If you have multiple sites, you can monitor and manage them centrally.

Flexible and Fast

There are four major component types to install and configure


All Interfocus data

Enterprise Manager(s)

Integrates and analyzes
asset and log info
Includes seven types of sub-manager


Allow configuration, viewing of logs
Web console for reporting


Three agent types used to collect endpoint, server, and detector information


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