Advanced Threat Protection

Manage Your Technology, Before It Starts Managing You

Smart IT Choices Are Do or Die for Small and Medium Businesses

Are you equipping your users with the latest and greatest technology and then simply crossing your fingers and hoping that they’ll “make good choices” when using these gadgets and apps?

Smartphones, tablets, diverse cloud and mobile apps, and increasing access to social media sites as a means for contacting customers and sharing information, typically carry an accompanying and potentially fatal rise in risk exposure for smaller, expertise-constrained organizations.

Symptoms of worsening risk exposure may include inability to:

  • determine how network and IT resources are being used today
  • assess whether employees, partners or contractors are inadvertently or deliberately creating a security risk
  • respond quickly to software licensing audits
  • ensure your endpoints configurations are up-to-date with patch levels, anti-virus signatures files and other critical updates
  • analyze and report on devices across the network, and how they are used

To make winning technology decisions, you need to be able to know, act, and report on all users, devices, applications and data on your network. That’s where we come in.


of small businesses fail after a cyberattack

Secure Productivity with a Solution that Focuses on People

Cyber attacks are certainly one of the biggest threats to your digital business, however poor IT management decisions can also cost your business valuable time, cause employee frustration, and expose your business to data loss and compliance risks. Our Secure Productivity Management software includes User Activity Management capabilities in addition to a comprehensive set of IT Asset Management tools because managing risk requires business owners and IT managers to know not just how their systems are working but also how their people are.

Robust business tools and controls-based security is augmented with “people-based” monitoring, to detect behavior accidental or intentional that could be opening your company up to unacceptable risk. With all-in-one capabilities, you gain visibility, control, and compliance in order to answer the tough questions and make the important decisions that enable business growth and avert business disaster.

Affordable and Easy-to-Use. One Solution. Many Tasks.

Interfocus Secure Productivity Management software is specifically tailored for small and medium businesses that need an easy to use and affordable IT Asset Management and User Activity Monitoring solution all-in-one. From a single console, you can:

  • Manage assets
    • Automate the collection of hardware and software information for cost-effective administration
    • Discover devices on the network
    • Inventory installed applications to manage software license costs and compliance
  • Review operations logs
    • Improve security and find problems in emergencies without reducing operational efficiency
    • Monitor printing logs including document name, PC, person, and printer for data loss awareness
    • Deter malicious activities through activity monitoring
  • Monitor web access
    • Record and alert inappropriate website use and limit access to unapproved sites
    • Block a variety of actions, such as uploading, downloading, or writing to websites, based on keywords or URLs
  • Control devices
    • Implement policies for device usage (like USBs and CDs) and prevent data leakage

Explore the many capabilities that Interfocus Secure Productivity Management software can bring to your Enterprise.

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